Woodchuck Reserve Pink

About a month ago, I actually went out with some co-workers for happy hour after work. Even more shocking I drank. Not only did I finish one full Woodchuck Reserve Pink but I drank two. A lot of people reading this are probably thinking whats the big deal? Well I’m not a drinker at all. I don’t like the taste of most alcohol. I never have even before going gluten free.

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Hands down Woodchuck Reserve Pink is my favorite. Which of course means its limited edition.  Pink is sweet but not overwhelmingly so. It has a nice apple taste As I went to Woodchucks site to find out more about Pink, I was directed to a blog post of theirs. I was excited to read that the sales of Pink help cancer survivors.


I called JR’s Beer Warehouse to see if they had any of Woodchuck Reserve Pink. Jr’s only sells it by the case which will last me quite awhile. But I wanted to be able to have a drink I enjoy this summer while spending time out on the deck with friends.

I have quite a few recipes that I want to make using this Woodchuck Reserve Pink. I can’t wait to start using creating with it. I think it will be perfect to use for the cake filling recipe posted on Woodchucks site.

When I stopped in to pick up a case, I was pleasantly surprised a clearly labeled Gluten Free section. And a pretty big selection at that. JR’s website also list what their gluten free section carries. I love companies that provide products for people with different needs. Woodchuck & JR’s both do that.

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