Whole Foods Cupcakes

I’m more of a cupcake person than a whole cake. I’m a fan of anything that doesn’t require dirtying dishes. Plus I feel that a regular cake goes stale too quickly. I don’t like the crunchy edge where you’ve just cut the slice.  We bake cupcakes over cake 9 times out of 10.

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I heard good things about Whole Foods gluten free bakery section. The nearest Whole Foods is about 40 minutes from me. But when I was tracking down Trader Joe’s to find the gluten free Joe Joes, I realized there was a Whole Foods down the road. My friend and I went on a  little gluten free road trip. While in Whole Foods, I discovered their gluten free sandwich bread, gluten free cheddar biscuits and gluten free cupcakes.  We’ll talk about the sandwich bread and cheddar biscuits in another post.

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First of all the cupcakes are HUGE. Second they are super moist. Third the frosting is amazing. The chocolate flavor is rich but not fake tasting. There is no weird after taste. My friend that is not gluten free LOVED them. She sent me a text a few days later saying that she was craving one.

photo 3

My first cake choice is chocolate but omg this vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting was so good. It was a very refreshing dessert. I first tried it when it was still partly frozen. I was very pleasantly surprised that thawing them out did not change the quality or flavor of them at all.

I highly recommend these cupcakes as a treat that doesn’t require you to dirty up your kitchen. They would be great for any Valentine’s Day party or even as a substitute instead of a gift of candy.


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