Treat Yo’ Self – The Lash Project

So over the past few months I might have been quiet but I  have tried quite a few products whether food, make up or body/skin care. Not all were worth the price as we all know gluten free items can be quite pricey. But sometimes you just have to Treat Yo’ Self…



I’m going to start off  with The Lash Project by Red Apple LipsticksI’ve had their lipstick for a few years now and love it. I was super excited to learn they were coming out with a mascara last year… Then I saw the price of $42. I thought paying $18 for mascara was insane. The mom guilt of spending any amount of money on myself always seems to kick in and I feel awful. But I love mascara. It tends to be the one bit of make up that I always wear. However any mascara I used was making me want to claw my eyes out.



I was excited to see the Red Apple Booth at the GFAFexpo back in September.  Jay and Andrea are such nice people. They truly care about their products. They greeted everyone and their approach was very “let me show you how to enhance what you already have.” Andrea took the time to pick out several lipstick colors she felt would work for my skin tone. I tried several that I wouldn’t have picked myself and they ended up being my favorite. She also suggested laying shades for a different look which never would have crossed my mind.  She helped me pick out a great day to day eye shadow that will also be able to help fill in my brows. And of course the amazing Lash Project. My lashes (as you can see below) are incredible now. Being a pale redhead my lashes were very faint. I had also lost quite a bit of them due to the constant rubbing as my eyes drove me insane.


My purchases from that weekend have become a part of my daily routine. The Lash Project is the only mascara ever to not make me insane. And I will admit that I’m not always the best at making sure I take it off at the end of the day. Hell the first time of wearing it I had it on from 10am Sunday to 1:20am Monday.



I love the easy of the Red Apple products. I love how they make me feel. I love the ability to change my appearance a bit without having to be drastic about it. The before photo is me freshly washed face and the after is my day to day look. I love this look so much I decided to try out doing a video. (eek!)

If you are have not tried the Red Apple line yet please take the time and money to Treat Yo’ Self.  I know will be treating myself to the Rallye Balm & Exfoliate Duo so I can get my lips to stop peeling.

My day to day look includes:

Andrea & Jay, Let me know when you are back home and ready for some cookies :)


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