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I got new ink! I have 4 tattoos, 3 three I’ve had for years now. My first tattoo was a tiny roll of film on my left shoulder which instantly had people stating that I needed a camera on my right shoulder. photo 2

A few years later I add a tattoo of Stephen Lynch’s Craig Machine cd artwork. It was the first thing I sold my photography to & meant a lot to me.

photo 1

Then 7 years went by with no new ink. I had been wanting to get something remembering my mom but nothing ever hit me as a must get tattoo. Besides my mom, Riley is the only other person I’d ever get a tattoo for. (Unless of course I have another kid.) I’m not really sure what I’d get for him either. All I really know is I don’t want names or dates for them. It felt like I wasn’t going to be inspired enough to get another tattoo. However the more I’ve dove into the world of gluten free. I know I want to do more. And the idea of a gluten free tattoo started to become a more constant thought.

I love my little rice flour & wheat stalk logo but I wasn’t sure how I’d want them tattooed. After seeing several tattoos that I loved that featured an old school tattoo banner, I knew that is what I wanted with them. The final decision to make was what exactly should the banner say.. Gluten Free? Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends? WCWBF? I talked about it with some friends and anytime I described the tattoo, I always started by saying “gluten free in the banner or …” So I felt that was the way to go.

photo (5)

Before getting this tattoo, I asked Tyree what brand of inks he used and did some googling. I just wanted to make sure there was no gluten cause well you never know, it seems to be in everything. Ty has done all 4 of my tattoos and was also the one that came up with the WCWBF’s logo. So I knew he would do an amazing job and I wouldn’t even think of going to someone else.

When I had my 2 shoulder tattoos done, I just used A&D ointment and had no reaction. For my left wrist, I started out using bacitracin. However my wrist kept getting redder, hotter and more painful. I switched back to A&D ointment and was fine. Seven years later I grab a tube of A&D ointment in preps for this tattoo. I reacted to it. There is no gluten in it but I’m a pale redhead who reacts to everything. Now I had to find something else that was gluten free and I wouldn’t react too.

photo 3

Ty had mentioned that I could use a plain white lotion that was free of fragrances and dyes.   I checked my lotions at home and even my gluten free ones listed fragrances. I did have this amazing amazing lip balm from Soap Alchemy. When you go to Soap Alchemy, they ask you what scent/flavor you want and mix it into the balm at the store. I had a little tub of it that was unscented so it was just the rice bran oil, meadowfoam oil, beeswax and kokum butter. I knew how amazing it made my lips feel and how it kept them moisturized without peeling. I decided to try it on my tattoo since it was non petroleum based but similar to A&D ointment. It was perfect! The heat and swelling went down almost instantly. The tattoo wasn’t as goopy looking. I used the Soap Alchemy balm for the first 5 days before I started to add in the BabyGanics lotions.

photo 4

I was at Walgreen’s and stumble upon the Babyganics line while looking for a lotion. I was shocked to see products such as lotions, body wash, sunscreen & bug spray all clearly labeled gluten free. The eczema care lotion is free of everything.. dyes, fragrances and gluten. I used it for a few days on my tattoo. Now that the tattoo feels like normal skin to me again, I started using the Babyganics soothing daily lotion, I waited on it as it mentions fragrance in the ingredients. I am in love with the Babyganics products and will be trying out the sunscreen (Hello pale redhead here) and bugspray soon.

photo (6)

I think it has healed up wonderfully and I love love love it. I highly recommend these products but always make sure they are safe for you. And if you are going to be in Western PA (Beaver County / Near Pittsburgh), schedule a tattoo at Under The Gun tattoo with Tyree Patrick.


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