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iPhone it in | Natural Nectar’s Cracklebred review

My week just keeps getting better and better. I wasn’t feeling well this morning and was just counting down at work till I could go home. Then I start to hear Stephen Lynch sing Purple Rain coming from my iPhone. That is not a good sign when Riley’s daycare calls. Turns out he had thrown […]

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iPhone it in | Mac n Cheese review

Riley is “cheesy noodle” obsessed. He would eat it at least once a day if I let him. He was so excited to see Helvetica, sans-serif;”>Pastariso. The day that they have mac 'n cheese, I make it either the night before or that morning. It will be nice for them to have this to just […]

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iPhone it in | My Chick-fil-a review

Last night Riley & I went for a drive in Pappap’s new car.  I suggested we go for a drive to the stand aålone Chick-fil-a about 20 minutes from us. (Our mall is AWFUL to park at and there is a train to ride right beside Chick-fil-a. The train means I can never get Ry […]

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