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30 by 30 Thursday | Waffles

Thursday before payday means out of a lot of items to cook with. Everything I thought of making the last two days needed more butter then what is in my fridge at the moment. Its rare that I run out of butter but then I remembered last weekend I made buttercream for about 6 dozen […]

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3 years old

Hard to believe that little bundle is now 3 yrs old. Riley had a great birthday weekend. He was spoiled with birthday treats basically from Thursday to Sunday, though his birthday was Saturday. The weekend was pretty good for me too. I had been really stressed about the visit with his father. Such mixed emotions […]

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I’ve been having a pretty stressful week. Riley turns 3 on the 27th. His father, my soon to be ex-husband, is coming to visit… the first visit in 10 months. A lot of mixed emotions, a lot of demands, a lot of concerns and most of all a lot of wishing. I knew I needed […]

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