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Crappy Mom Moment…

Riley got glutened at daycare today after school. He was given a granola bar. I was told about it as soon as I walked in the door. The worker that gave Ry the bar was really sorry. I understand that she has started since he went to school so she really hadn’t ever dealt with […]

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Celiac Awareness Tour | Riley Recommended

I took Riley with me to the Celiac Awareness Tour. Partly cause he goes everywhere with me and partly cause I knew he’d love it. It was even more kid friendly this year than it had been last year. Riley LOVES events like this where he can taste anything he wants. Not being told No […]

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Riley Recommended | The Gluten Glitch

On Saturday, I purchased The Gluten Glitch for Riley while we were at the Celiac Awareness Tour. I had been meaning to get the book for him for awhile now but it kept slipping my mind. So I was quite happy that the Soodles Bake Shop booth was selling it. The story is about a […]

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