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Mom Monday | Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

OK, so I know this really isn’t much of a recipe, but I have a sick kid to deal  with. I wanted to post this because chocolate covered potato chips were always something my mom made at Christmas time. Chocolate covered potato chips are much cheaper to make then gluten free chocolate covered pretzels. Synders […]

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iPhone it in | Leprechaun Trap Cupcakes

St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I got married on St. Patrick’s Day in Vegas, but I still enjoy the day. It is after all the holiday that brings us a month of Shamrock shakes. Today was Riley’s turn at snack day for preschool. I told Ms. Monica that I […]

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30 Days of Blogging | Day 29

Gilmore Girls: My mom loved that show and kept insisting that I watch it with her. I did and got hooked. We watched it together every week. And now when I miss her I go back and watch some of our favorite episodes. I still long for my Luke. Law and Order Criminal Intent: I […]

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