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Chuck E. Cheese Gluten Free Review

So I have a confession to make. I used the excuse of “we have to buy food to play at Chuck E. Cheese and they don’t have food safe for us” as a way to avoid taking Riley. Well Riley saw the youtube video about how they now have gluten free pizza and cupcakes. (Thanks […]

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Mom Monday | Pizza Subs

My mom was the type of mom that welcomed our friends over more than us sometimes. She would stock snacks they liked and was always up for cooking. Our friends could freely walk into our house unannounced without knocking. One of the staples that she stocked up on were the Stouffers  french bread pizzas. Or […]

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iPhone it in | Babycakes Pie Pop Maker Review

A few weeks ago while shopping at Big Lots for items for the apt, I came across Babycakes Pie Pop Maker for $10! Since I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets I bought it. I used the reason “It’s just me & Ry we don’t need a whole pie sitting around the apartment.” Little did I […]

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