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Mom Monday | Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

OK, so I know this really isn’t much of a recipe, but I have a sick kid to deal  with. I wanted to post this because chocolate covered potato chips were always something my mom made at Christmas time. Chocolate covered potato chips are much cheaper to make then gluten free chocolate covered pretzels. Synders […]

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Glazed Donut Muffins

I did not realize how much I use baking as a stress relief. I haven’t had the thrill of trying out a new recipe for at least a month and I’ve barely baked old recipes in that time as well. It seems Riley & I have taken turns being miserable with some type of illness. […]

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Taco Pancakes

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Let’s celebrate with some taco pancakes :)  It has been awhile since I made Riley some fun pancakes, so I decided to try and make taco ones for Cinco De Mayo. Super easy to make. I just doubled my pancake batter recipe and poured half of it into 3 smaller bowls. […]

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