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Bacon My Way to 35 | A Kiss of Bacon

Bacon My Way to 35 | A Kiss of Bacon

Now that we are (somewhat) settled into our new place, I am determined to not only bake more but to blog more. I need to do both of these for myself. I need the creative outlet. Baking is my happy place and stress relief. ┬áBut since I know myself, I know I need the right […]

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Chocolate Covered Bacon Hearts

If you’ve been to my blog before its pretty safe to say that you know I love bacon. Chocolate covered bacon is also amazing. I’ve purchased it a few times when we’ve been out at events that have had it but I haven’t made it at home till now. I chocolate covered some regular strips […]

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Mom Monday | Maple Bacon Donuts

My mom loved breakfast. She was one of those crazy morning people. Riley is one of those crazy morning people. I have a feeling I’ll never get to sleep in again. Since my mom loved mornings so much we had some really good breakfast. She made potato pancakes, bacon, donuts, and monkey bread. It wasn’t […]

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