Stuffed Crust Pizza

Riley came home from school one day last week all upset with me. “Mom! Why did you not tell me about stuffed crust pizza?!” bellowed from the back seat as we drove home. I’m a thin crust girl and Riley doesn’t even eat the end crust so stuffed crust hadn’t even crossed my mind.


I listened to him go on about how some of the kids in his class had it as their lunch choice. What seemed to get his attention was all “that extra cheese”.  Ry does love his cheese.  I figured it was a one time conversation and didn’t think much of it. I was quite surprised when he brought it up again a few days later. I agreed to try and make a gluten free stuffed crust pizza. Riley was so excited he didn’t even complain when we stopped at Aldi. (He loves their Live GFree line but doesn’t like that they don’t really have toys there.)


I had a few bags of Nature’s Basket Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix from Giant Eagle in my pantry. I knew it would be perfect for this recipe. I mixed it up just like the packaging says but I added a bit more water as I knew I’d be dusting it with a bit more gluten free flour while rolling it out. I rolled it out on a well dusted mat. Once I made sure it was bigger than the tray. I transferred it over to the pizza tray.


My mozzarella sticks had been out on the counter for about 20 minutes at this point so they were easy to bend a bit to form the circle. Next I just folded the extra dough up over the cheese sealing it in. I par-baked it for about 8 minutes to give the crust a chance to fully bake without the toppings being overdone.  After the par-bake, I topped with sauce, pepperoni (on my half) and cheese before returning it to the oven.


Riley could not wait for it to be done and cool enough to cut. He was so excited for stuff crust.


I was quite excited that it actually worked and turned out normal. I gave Riley a slice to eat as I cleaned up the kitchen. I walked out to find the crust left on his plate. When I asked him about it he replied with “Mom you know I don’t like crust!” After a bit of explaining and making him try it, Ry was hooked.


Stuffed Crust Pizza [Gluten Free]


1 Package of Nature's Basket Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix (or your favorite gf pizza dough)

Cheese Sticks



Toppings of your choice


Prepare your dough per instructions on packaging.
Once you have your dough, roll it out on well dusted mat or parchment paper.
Roll the dough about an inch bigger than your tray.
Transfer dough to tray.
Arrange cheese sticks around the edge of the tray.
Fold dough over cheese sticks and seal.
Par-bake crust for 8 minutes.
Remove from oven, top with sauce and toppings of your choice.
Finish baking the pizza.


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