Snyder of Berlin – Gluten Free & Clearly Labeled


I’m excited to share with you that Snyder of Berlin has new packaging that clearly shows a “Gluten Free” label.


Not just the plain flavored but a variety of flavors are clearly labeled gluten free!

Salt & Vinegar:

Before going gluten free, Salt & Vinegar was one of my favorite chips. But after stupidly giving myself one of the worst gluten attacks I’ve had from eating a bag of sea salt & malt vinegar chips I’ve been afraid to try salt & vinegar again. (And yes I fully aware that I should have realized it was not safe since it said Malt but we all have our moments.)


I was really excited to see that Salt & Vinegar was one of the flavors with the giant GLUTEN FREE seal on the front of the bag. (Which is quite nice! No searching all over for tiny print.) It has been my snack at work the last several days  because I didn’t want to share with Riley. They taste better than what I remember. I will definitely be buying these more than I probably should. Quite pleased to announce not one sign of being glutened.

Sweet ‘n Sassy BBQ:

Riley was the most excited about the Sweet ‘n Sassy BBQ. He is always checking the packaging of BBQ flavored items to see if they are gluten free. As soon as He saw the bag that is what he wanted to open right away.


Riley said “These are the best! Hot but not too spicy.” I was allowed to share this little bowl with him when we first opened the bag. After that the bag and Ry disappeared out the door to play with the neighbor girl. The next time I saw the bag it was being placed in the trash and I was told to get more. They were a big hit.


Who doesn’t love a good salty rippled chip? Pair it with some dip and you’ve got my favorite snack.


Friday night the boy and I grabbed a bowl of the Ripple chips with some dip and had a Doctor Who & Grim marathon. We both liked how salty and sturdy they were. Nothing is worst than a chip that snaps off and gets stuck in the dip. These were perfect. Even the smallest pieces held up to the amount of dip that a 6 year old boy loves to scoop out.

The only bag that we have not opened yet is the Cheddar Sour Cream. Riley has decided he needs to take them as his snack for Orange day at school and won’t let me open the bag yet.

Being a PA girl, I thought it was pretty cool that Snyder features local farms on the back of the bags.


The 4 bags I received all featured farms pretty close to my home town. Riley (who is reading everything these days!) read me the bio for each and then we looked up the area on Google maps so he could see that they were pretty close to us. He had a lot of fun and seemed quite surprised that potato chips could come from somewhere near by. Love a local company that is just as proud of their area as everyone else. They even donated several hundred bags of chips to the volunteers that have were planting seedlings at the Flight 93 memorial which is just a mere 10 miles from the Snyder plant.


**DISCLAIMER: I was given a few bags of chips for free, in exchange for a review (if I liked the product, which I did, if you read the above review). I was not compensated for this review, and their free products do not reflect the above opinions in any way. .**


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