Sidewalk Chalk Paint

The man in my life turns 3 at the end of this month… Some days it seems unreal other days it feels a lot longer then 3 years. Riley is 100% boy. Nonstop from 6am till bedtime. Naps are getting shorter. :( However he is becoming more and more fun to be with. His crazy sense of humor, the adorable 3 yr old way of speaking and just watching him explore everything likes its the best thing ever. Ry wants to help with EVERYTHING which means 95% of things that need to be done now take twice as long. But the way he says “Riley good helper” all full of pride when hes done something with me makes me melt. Why can’t everyone be a “good helper”?

I’m always on the look out for something fun and new to do with him. Specially outside stuff because we don’t have a sandbox or swingset. He has a bike but can’t pedal yet so he kinda gets bored quickly. He really likes sidewalk chalk but has been wanting to paint since I redid the living a few weeks ago. So when I came across a blog post on how to make sidewalk chalk paint I knew I had to make it. I was even more excited that it was just cornstarch and water, meaning no gluten free changes. (Riley is old enough to know not to eat/drink paint. He does have a habit of pointing his fingers in his mouth a lot so I tried to avoid it being in products as well)

Its easy, quick and cheap to make. All of which is perfect with a toddler around.

The recipe mentions ice cube tray as a way to put all the different colors in. I figured that would be knocked over in 2 seconds by my rough guy. I remembered I had one of my moms mini loaf pans still that for some reason I couldn’t bare to part with even though I couldn’t actually bake with it. I just doubled the recipe and it fit perfectly. I didn’t have paint brush that I didn’t need still for touch ups in the living room. So I just gave him 2 of my basting brushes.

After we were outside for a bit the one neighbor girl came home. She is almost 8 and enjoyed it just as much if not more. They shared well together and used it all up. Sidewalk chalk paint will definitely be made again in our house.


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