School Letter

This is an example of letter I wrote when Riley started Preschool.

Dear Preschool Parents,

My son, Riley, is in Ms. Monica’s class with your child. Some of you already know Riley, and know that he has Celiac. For those who are not familiar with him or Celiac, Celiac is not an allergy, but an autoimmune issue that is triggered when he eats/drinks anything containing wheat, barley, rye or oats and any foods made with or processed with these grains (ie, malt flavoring).

Because he is on this restricted diet we ask that if you are going to be sending treats to class for birthdays or classroom celebrations that you please notify us so that we can send a comparable treat with him. Please note that this is ONLY if he might be eating/sharing the foods with your child. There is absolutely not an issue if your child brings in a food item with those ingredients for their own snack; this is not an allergy and cannot be triggered by the presence of the food in the room.

So, what does this all mean? Riley cannot have “normal” cookies, cake, cupcakes, pretzels, crackers, (pre packaged) Rice Krispie squares, Twizzlers licorice, Chex mix or anything like that.

He CAN have a wide variety of foods including:
Cheese Curls (Cheetos, Utz, Snyder’s)

M&M’s (but NOT the new pretzel kind)

Most chocolate candies (NOT Milky Way bars, Kit Kats, Twix or Lindt chocolates)

Fruit Gummies
Tootsie pops and Tootsie rolls
Jello gelatin and pudding or Hunts gelatin and pudding


Popcorn (including Smartfood, Cracker Jack’s, Crunch & Munch)

Muddy Buddies (made with Chex cereal except the wheat ones)




Homemade Rice Krispie treats with the new Gluten Free Rice Krispies

Additionally, the General Mills website for Chex cereals (which are all gluten free except the wheat chex) has about a zillion recipes for gluten free treats using their products. Check it out!

Again, the purpose of this note is NOT meant to discourage you from bringing in items for the class that Riley cannot have. It is to ask you to contact me if you are going to bring those items in so I can be sure to send a similar, but gluten free, treat for Riley (ie cupcakes or brownies for birthday celebrations).

If you want to bring in a special treat please feel free to contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx (call or txt) or and let me know what you are bringing and when. Or, if you would like to try and bring something that Riley will be able to have as well I am always happy to help with suggestions of ingredients, etc. I also write a gluten free blog that has recipes & ideas.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to meeting you (or, seeing you again) this upcoming year.



I also included this coloring sheet for the kids to color.