Quick & Easy Bagel Sandwich | O’Dough’s Bagel Thins

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One day last week, I spotted this O’Dough’s Bagel Thins at the local health food store across the street from Riley’s daycare. In my excitement over seeing the words “gluten free” & “bagel” together I grabbed a bag before dashing to the check out. (I had ran into the store before picking up Ry because its so much easier.) It wasn’t till I got home and ready to toast one that I realized they aren’t exactly like the bagel I was hoping for. However they are perfect to make a quick and easy sandwich. Since they are thinner, they toast up nicely in the toaster on a slightly higher setting. No need to defrost a bit in the microwave first or put them through the toaster twice.

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I ate one that night with just a bit of butter. It wasn’t till the next afternoon when I was trying to come up with a Riley approved lunch that was ready almost instantly that I thought to use pepperoni & cheese kinda like a pepperoni roll.  Toast your Bagel Thin before cutting it in half to stuffing in some pepperoni and cheese. I then tossed it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds just to melt the cheese.

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Riley LOVED it. He asked for a second one. He also wanted me to take a photo of him eating it to send to Uncle Cory to show him that he can have a bagel sandwich too. O’Dough’s Bagel Thins will be a staple in my freezer. I also plan on sending a pack of them to Riley’s daycare so they can make him this on Fridays when the other children have pepperoni rolls.


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