Perdue Gluten Free Tenders Review

Chicken has been my favorite food since I can remember. If I was given the choice as a kid on what I wanted to eat, 99% of the time the answer was chicken nuggets. As you can see by the photo below the love started early. My grandfather use to joke that I was going to sprout feathers like a chicken if I didn’t try something else.

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So when I finally caved into the fact that I not only had to go gluten free but that I truly needed to, I feared a life with no chicken nuggets. I know that sounds crazy but when the overwhelming disappointment of going gluten free first hits you, you think crazy thoughts. I quickly realized that chicken nuggets were not only easy to make but that there were several frozen gluten free choices out there. I have a box nugget that Riley really likes but I was shocked when I was walking the aisle of my local grocery store and saw the giant “GLUTEN FREE” on the bag.

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I almost knocked a small child out of the way to get to them. I had to scan the bag to make sure they were actually gluten free. My store had them for $7.99 a bag and the bag has about 21 tenders in it.

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They are just as easy as regular chicken tenders. The taste is great! I loved that they were fully cooked and I could toss them in the microwave if I was rushed or lets be honest just down right lazy about dinner.  Riley likes the nugget shape better than tenders but did eat them. When asked he said “they were yummy but long.”  The Perdue gluten free tenders will become a staple in my house.


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