Mom Monday | Pizza Subs

My mom was the type of mom that welcomed our friends over more than us sometimes. She would stock snacks they liked and was always up for cooking. Our friends could freely walk into our house unannounced without knocking.

One of the staples that she stocked up on were the Stouffers  french bread pizzas. Or she would have the stuff to make them herself. I walked passed them the other day in the grocery store and was flooded with memories. Those  memories got me craving a food that was never my first choice. (I like my pizza on a thin cross. More toppings than bread.) As I walked the rest of the store, I knew I had to figure out how I was going to make them gluten free. Thats when I came across Schar’s subs. 

I knew these subs would be perfect! Since they only have to bake for a few minutes its a nice quick and easy meal.

1. Slice the rolls in half

2. Spread a layer of sauce. 

3. Next add toppings of your choice. I did pepperoni and cheese. 

And then I baked them till the cheese was melted how I like it. 

Let cool and then enjoy! I ate mine while watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls and had an evening remembering my mom. I love that I will be able to recreate memories like this with Riley as he grows up. I just hope his friends think as fondly of me as mine did of my mom.


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