Mom Monday | Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

OK, so I know this really isn’t much of a recipe, but I have a sick kid to deal  with. I wanted to post this because chocolate covered potato chips were always something my mom made at Christmas time.

My first Christmas – 4 days old

Chocolate covered potato chips are much cheaper to make then gluten free chocolate covered pretzels. Synders has gluten free mini pretzel sticks that are pretty fairly priced, but they are kind of hard to chocolate cover and still look pretty. And with the Glutino pretzels being almost $8 a bag, I’m not making them for preschoolers. 

Super easy to make. I used Lay’s Stax since they are clearly labeled gluten free and would package up nicely as Christmas gifts.  I just melted the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. (or oversized mug)

Once the chocolate is melted, I placed the chip top sized down into the chocolate to cover the top with chocolate.

Trasnfer chip to parchment lined cookie sheet to set up. I then added some Christmasy sprinkles on top. 

These were a big hit with Riley and his friends that were over. They watched me make them and kept asking when they could eat one. I sat at a table in my living room watching tv as made chip after chip. Super easy and delicious!


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