May The 4th Be With You

Riley is obsessed with Star Wars as I think most little (and big) boys are. We’ve been talking about “May the 4th be with You” for basically a month now. Since Riley’s teacher is a Star Wars fan and both our Christmas and Valentine’s Day treats were Star Wars, I knew I wanted to send something for May the 4th be with you.  I’ve seen so many cute ideas but either I didn’t have the cookie cutters I needed or they don’t make big gluten free pretzel rods. So I decided I would attempt to make lightsabers out of gluten free crisp rice treats. IMG_9039

I grabbed some red and blue gel food coloring and the new giant bag of Malt O’Meal gluten free crisp rice cereal. I’m lazy when it comes to crispy treats. Butter and marshmallows get melted in the microwave not on the stove top.


Once I pulled the marshmallows out of the microwave, I squirted in a bit of red gel coloring and stirred. Next I slowly added the crisp rice cereal a cup at a time. (I realized I need at least one bigger deeper bowl than any of the pyrex ones I currently own.) I spooned the mixture out onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet before pressing it down smooth.


I cut the tray into strips and then cut those strips in half. I greased my hands with a bit of butter before rolling the strips of crisp rice treats into more of a log/lightsaber shape. I put the tray of lightsabers in the freezer to help them set shape a bit quicker. I then repeated the process with blue food coloring.


Once the lightsabers seemed to be firm enough to pick up, I dipped the one end into melted chocolate. And then Riley helped by placing the red candy piece in place as an on switch.  When the chocolate was set, I placed each one in a baggy before boxing them up to go to school. IMG_9092

How did you celebrate May the 4th be with you?


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