March Madness

I know I’ve been missing from the blog for almost a month.  Life has done a total 180 for me.  The last weekend of February I went away for a long weekend.  It was a great weekend. I was kid free & dog free for 3 whole days. No responsibilities and a chance to sleep longer than 7am.  However, all the de-stressing I did on the trip was quickly erased as  Monday morning I was fired.

I have been in a pretty major funk.  I can’t help but worry and stress over providing for Riley. I’ve had some help from some pretty amazing friends.

I haven’t had the motivation to bake or write up post for recipes and reviews I’ve already done.  I did my best to make sure it was as normal here for Riley’s sake. Which of course for me means going a bit crazy about Holidays… Just as my mom would have.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend we ate a lot of green foods. Mac & Cheese and pizza with green crust and a pepperoni pot of  gold.


Riley was super excited about Easter. We baked mini chocolate cupcakes with mini cadbury eggs in them. Ry loved them cause “Creme eggs” are his favorite. For his preschool Easter party, I attempted to make rice krispie treat chicks. They were tasty and the preschoolers loved them so thats all that really matters. I really need to work on decorating skills. After Riley had Green Eggs & Ham at daycare in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, he has been asking for different colored scrambled eggs. He insisted on “Easter scrambled eggs” which apparently means neon pink.


He had been wanting to dye eggs since about Valentine’s Day.  On Good Friday, his “girlfriend” Callie came over and they dyed eggs.  They had lunch of pizza puff shaped like Easter eggs.  I made some Easter popcorn to snack on during our Friday night movie. And our Sunday morning donuts got an Easter egg make over as well.


I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and I’m getting the urge to bake and blog. I will be back here on a steady basis as I’ve come to realize I really need a form of creative outlet to be Cara and not Mom.

Hope everyone enjoyed their March holidays and I can’t wait to see all the red, white & blue post that will start to appear across blogs everywhere.




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