Live Gfree Stuffed Sandwich Review

So just about everyone that has every met me contacted me to let me know that Aldis was carrying a line of cheap gluten free foods. I love each and everyone of you that did because O-M-G is this stuff amazing. I was beyond excited to see that it wasn’t just mixes but frozen foods as well!  Items like nuggets, pizzas, pancakes, raviolis, stuffed sandwiches and more. The item I was the most excited to try was the Live Gfree Stuffed Sandwich aka Hot Pockets.


As excited as I was to try them, I was super worried that would taste really bad. Its completely normal to doubt the taste of any gluten free food let alone affordably priced gluten free food. There are 2, yes 2! in a box for $2.69!! I can’t believe it is under $3 for one let alone two stuffed sandwiches. They taste AMAZING. There is no hint of gluten free taste.. there is no weird after taste… there is no sandy texture. And there is actually quite a bit of filling.


I was happy to see that the wrapper was even marked gluten free. It makes me feel a bit better if I was to pack one in Riley’s lunch or send it to a friends house with him that it wouldn’t get mixed up like it might if it was in just a clear plastic wrap.


The first one I microwaved wrapped in a paper towel because in his eagerness to open it Riley dropped the baking sleeve which Odie quickly took off with. The next one I did use the sleeve. The sleeve crisps it up a bit. Riley found it easier to bite into when it was cooked in a paper towel. Riley kept saying how good it seemed as it was heating up. The cool down time was torture for an excited 5 year old. First bite resulted in an instant “yum! try it mom” and I agree with him. They are quite “yum”.  After eating almost all of it, Ry turned to me and said “I know its gluten free cause I can read the words now but it doesn’t taste weird like that other wrap.”  I was (and still am) way too excited over this item. And if Aldi USA actually sticks with the plan of making it a limited time item, I will bawl my eyes out. I’ve joked (in complete seriousness) about getting a deep freeze just to stock up on some of these items.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend trying these! And then I recommend you head on over to my petition to have Aldi USA keep the Live Gfree products on as a full time food line.

Please spread the word about the petition. It is really nice to have afford gluten free options.


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3 Responses to Live Gfree Stuffed Sandwich Review

  1. Francine Kleinpaste May 9, 2014 at 8:16 pm #

    I tried these today. They are pretty good. I used the sleeve in the microwave, then dipped it into pizza sauce. I also stocked up more on the frozen stuff today. Yes, they need to keep this stuff around. Oh, and there was a lady in front of me that I did not recognize from any of my gluten free groups who had a cart full of the GF stuff. It’s not just us :-)

  2. Veronica April 7, 2015 at 3:00 pm #

    Great review :) Whenever I go to Aldi, I always get boxes (and boxes…) of the pepperoni pizza and southwestern veggie frozen sandwiches. I also get the plain wraps and occasionally the cookies as a treat. I’ve also tried the lasagna which I like but I’m not as crazy about because the sauce is a little too watery for me. Overall, I think the liveGfree product line is awesome. (P.S. Just signed the petition!)

    • Cara April 14, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

      Thanks Veronica! Glad to see someone else loves the pepperoni pizza “hot pockets” as much as I do! I’m currently out of them at the moment and our 2 closest stores have been out of them as well. :(

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