Jack O’Lantern Pizza Pockets

Starting basically the day after his birthday, Riley starts asking to decorate for Halloween. He is completely into all the creatures. zombies, skeletons, Frankstein etc. that equals Halloween.

He loves speciality Halloween foods but I can’t let him live off Cadbury Screme Eggs even though he’d love that. So for supper I made Jack O’Lantern pizza pockets.

photo 3

I used the Pillsbury Pizza Dough as it rolls out super easy. Just dusted my glass cutting board and rolling pin with a bit of the WCWBF’s flour mix and got to rolling. Then I made the base of the pockey by using my giant pumpkin cookie cutter. I cut the faces on them with a small sharp knife. I put a spoonful of sauce in the middle making sure to leave a clean edge for crimping together to for the pocket.

photo 1

I baked them at 425 for 8 minutes. They were nicely golden. photo 2

This dough could be used for all kind of fun shaped pizza/sandwich pockets.



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