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Last night Riley & I went for a drive in Pappap’s new car.  I suggested we go for a drive to the stand aålone Chick-fil-a about 20 minutes from us. (Our mall is AWFUL to park at and there is a train to ride right beside Chick-fil-a. The train means I can never get Ry to eat or leave.) I was really looking forward to trying the new gluten free grilled nuggets.

Riley was so excited that he could get a nugget kids meal at a “playing restaurant”. (This one had a play place/room.)  He got a 4 piece nugget, waffle fries & a chocolate milk. I got 8 piece nugget, waffle fries and Dr. Pepper.  We had to wait for ours to be made, while Dad’s breaded nuggets were ready.

I was really surprised at how much flavor the grilled nuggets had. Almost too much pepper for it being listed as a kids item.  One of Riley’s was kinda spicy that he didn’t want it at first. But then I just broke out the ranch dressing and he was fine. Their ranch is gluten free as well!

I was a bit worried that Riley wouldn’t eat them since they weren’t breaded and were a tad bit wet. You never know how a 3 yr old is gonna be with something. But he ate all 4 of them. They are a bit bigger than their breaded nuggets I think.  He then ran off to play.

I would have get the start of a headache within about 45 minutes off eating. It is now 11am the next morning and I have not had one sign or symptom of a gluten reaction. We ate around 6pm last night.

We will def. be going back for more nuggets! I might even brave our mall for them. Or at least pick some up when Riley’s not with me to avoid the train. :)


Definitively a 5! – a gluten free meal that I don’t have to cook, clean up after and Riley will eat.

Photos taken with my iPhone.



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  1. Ashley January 19, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    Exciting! They look good we will have to try these out next time we go to chik-fil-a.

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