iPhone it in | Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Review

On Father’s Day, I decided to try Domino’s “Gluten Free” pizza. It wasn’t the original plan for the day. But when Ry’s dad decided he wanted to eat at a sub place and pulled the “Father’s day card” I had to scramble for something for me in Ry. The only other choice in that area was Chick-fil-a but being Sunday it wasn’t really an option.

I was super leery of trying it but I felt a bit better after reading this review by Celiact. (I have not tried any of the Celiact products, I just stumble upon their review.) I honestly feel that eating out anywhere while gluten free is a risk. Sometimes I feel eating at my own house is a risk because I share a kitchen with my dad & brother. 

The gluten free crust is only available in a 10″ /6 slice pizza. Which is kinda disappointing and it quickly adds up. I ordered both a traditional red sauce with pepperoni and a garlic sauce with bacon. My total was $21. 

They tasted pretty good. The garlic sauce was the favorite of both myself & Riley. I had ordered the pepperoni pizza for Riley but I ended up being the one to eat it because he didn’t like the red sauce. It had a bit of a spice burn to it and there was a lot on such a little pizza. If I was to order it again I’d definitely order light sauce. I like the thin crispiness of the crust . Before I went gluten free and I’d order Domino’s, I always picked thin crust.

When I placed my order, the worker on the phone had no idea what toppings where gluten free. I had already done research so I know but I wanted to see what the staff had been taught on the world of gluten free eating..apparently not much. I didn’t have any type of reaction to it at all which was nice. The other local pizza chain that has a gluten free pizza makes me sick almost instantly.

It was nice to have pizza without having the dishes from making the crust  but I will not be ordering it every time I want pizza. There just wasn’t much there for the cost. Riley and I both like to have left over pizza later as a snack or breakfast. There was no left overs with the small size.

The traditional sauce pizza rating:

 (3 1/2 out of 5) It lost a star /logo for price & size and a half for the sauce itself.

Garlic sauce pizza rating:

(4 out of 5) It lost a star /logo for price & size

My ratings are based on my opinion. Please use your own judgement when taking the risk of trying this gluten free pizza.


All photos taken with my iPhone 4s


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