iPhone it in | Bd’s Mongolian Grill review

Last Sunday, I actually ate out at a restaurant and did not get sick. I’m so leery about eating out anymore because so many times I’ve wound up sick. But last week I was going out with my brother & a few friends to see Brian Regan in Pittsburgh.

When they suggested going to Bd’s Mongolian Grill to eat before hand, I said yes fully expecting to just sit there sipping a drink. Pleasantly to my surprised when I checked their website they were extremely gluten free friendly.

Since I’m always a skeptic I thought it looks good on the site but do they actually practice it? I am pleased to say that yes they do. It was extremely refreshing to walk into a restaurant and see the menu clearly labeled, the serving area labeled, the sauces labeled and a sign that said “Please let the cooks know if you are gluten free.”

Snapshot of the menu coding system showing what food is Gluten Free

I loaded up my bowl with just a bunch of chicken and gluten free sweet & sour sauce. I headed over to the big grill and when it was my turn I said “I’m gluten free”. The cook didn’t look confused. He instantly replied “We cook this in the back, go ahead and have a seat. I’ll bring it out to you.”

A few minutes later I was brought out this delicious plate of Sweet & Sour chicken. Oh how I have missed it. I just wanted to bring a giant bottle of their sauce home to use for everything.

After eating I started the mental time clock of waiting for the headache to strike. (Thats normally my first reaction.) It never happened. I never got one symptom. :) I highly highly highly recommend grabbing a bowl at the Bd’s Mongolian Grill in the Southside Works across from the Cheesecake factory. You won’t regret it.

 428 S 27th St Pittsburgh PA 15203     412-390-1100 

Go Mongo!


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