Ice Cream Sandwich

Riley started asking for something from those little coolers by the check outs in gas stations and dollar stores. I had to keep explaining how those ice cream treats were all gluten filled due to either the cone or cookie. He was pretty bummed, which surprised me since He isn’t  a big fan of ice cream.

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The more he talked about ice cream sandwiches, the more I missed them. So after finally having a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, I decided to try making ice cream sandwiches.

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I baked the cookies (minus the bacon, shocking I know) just like the recipe states. I made them in 2 different sizes. A smaller Riley size and then a size closer to the ones you get at the store. As the cookies were cooling, I pulled out my ice cream so that it could soften a bit to scoop easier. I just used the vanilla I always buy. Any ice cream would work. I put a nice thick scoop on the bottom cookie and then gently pushed the top cookie down to flatten out the ice cream a bit more.

photo 3

I wrapped the ice cream sandwiches in saran wrap and placed them in the freezer a bit for the ice cream to firm back up. On a few of the smaller ones I rolled the edge in sprinkles per Riley’s request.

I feel the cookies got better the longer they were in the freezer. I ate the last one about a month after I made them and I felt it was musher while eating just like the store bought ones. I might try baking the cookies a little less so they are softer from the start. And after all the begging for ice cream sandwiches at the stores, Riley ate about 3 bites before pulling it apart and just eating the cookies. He gave Odie (our dog) the ball of ice cream. I’m pretty sure he’s the first kid I’ve met that doesn’t like ice cream.



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