Halloween Popcorn

Riley is basically obsessed with Halloween. Even though for weeks now hes been telling me our decorations aren’t scary enough he truly prefers the cuter side of Halloween.  Saturday even we went out to a friends house to carve pumpkins and see her decorations. He was completely freaked out by the talking skeletons and zombies. He did enjoy the pumpkin carving though and getting his face painted to look like a skeleton.

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Sunday we actually slept in passed 9! It was amazing. We ended up having a lazy day of watching Netflix and Halloween movies in my bed. Which was perfect as I was feeling worse than I had been all week. Riley started asking for a Halloween snack but I wanted to do something fairly easy since I wasn’t feeling well. He saw a picture of “Zombie Boogers” (candied popcorn) on my Pinterest and asked for that. However I know my kid and he does not like sweet popcorn. He is a salty snack kid all the way.

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We decided to make up a batch of buttery popcorn and make the butter look green like snot. While the popcorn was popping, we melted some butter and then stirred in some green food coloring.

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As the sound of kernels popping slowed down, We grabbed our (Dollar General) cauldron bowl to eat the popcorn from. I wouldn’t let Riley dump the popcorn into the bowl because my mom’s old popcorn maker is amazing but it will shock and burn you if handled the wrong way. I did let him put the “snot” all over the popcorn.

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We snacked on our buttered popcorn while making up stories of how a witch or a zombie or Frankenstein sneezed on the bowl. A super easy snack that was both hilarious and delicious to a 5 year old boy. I have a feeling this will be asked for even when Halloween is over.



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