Halloween Hot Chocolate

I’m not much of a coffee drinker. Hot chocolate is my beverage of choice. Riley has developed my love of it. Since we’ve had a few chilly evenings already, he started asking for it. I saw this orange hot chocolate on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make it for when we came inside from Trick or Treating. But I figured I better give it a test run to make sure he even likes it. You never know with 5 year olds.

photo 1

Its super easy to make. I did a small batch since it would be just me & Riley drinking it tonight. Start by heating the milk in a sauce pan on medium heat. Once bubbles start to form around the edge (about 4 minutes) I started in the white chocolate candy melts before adding a bit of vanilla. I put a squirt of orange gel food coloring and whisked it all together.

photo 2

Pour into mug of choice and decorate with a Ghost Peep or Halloween marshmallows. Ry also added a bit of purple sprinkles.

Halloween Hot Chocolate [Gluten Free]

Serving Size: 10


12 oz.white chocolate

8 cups milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

orange food color


Heat milk on medium heat for about 4 minutes until bubbles start to form
Whisk in white chocolate, vanilla and orange food coloring
Pour into mug of choice and top with Ghost Peep


Original Recipe: Home Is Where the Boat Is




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