Going Gluten Free – What scared me…

If you checked out the post below featuring the LUNA Bar giveaway, you know that I asked the WCWBF readers to share what scared them about going gluten free. I thought I’d post a few of the things that scared me when I first started. :)

I’m a super picky eater to begin with (I basically eat like a 5 yr old) so I was really scared that I wouldn’t last on the gluten free life style if I couldn’t find a good pizza or brownie.

I was afraid that I’d have to give up baking. My mom and I always baked together and I wanted to do that with Riley.

I was afraid that even if I did everything right that I’d still miss a hidden source of gluten and be miserable. And sometimes it does happen but that damn gluten is a sneaky bastard.

I was afraid of hurting people’s feelings as we tried to make plans to go out to eat or hang out. We all know someone that insist on feeding you every time you are over and seem to be hurt if you turn down food.

I was and honestly still am afraid of eating out and trusting restaurant staff to not make me sick. Sometimes I don’t even want to risk it because I can’t afford to not be able to function.

For the most part, I’ve overcome a lot of my gluten free fears but sometimes its still a huge struggle. My biggest fear is dating. I know that sounds crazy but I feel like trying to take me out is a huge hassle. And if we get somewhere that ends up not having anything on the gluten free menu that the picky eater in me would actually eat,I feel even worse. This fear is going to take a bit longer to overcome but I’m working on it.


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