Gluten Free At Kindergarten

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My baby isn’t a baby anymore. Honestly he hasn’t been for awhile which is hard to believe. How do I have a 5 year old that is in Kindergarten?

I wanted to make sure that Kindergarten was this exciting event that Riley couldn’t wait for. We did a lot of Lion related events and foods. The night before we had a pepperoni lion pizza. Since his 5th birthday was also the first day of school, we made lion cupcakes as his treat.

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I was worried about him being gluten free while at Kindergarten. But his teacher has been AMAZING. She had a gluten free student last year so she was pretty aware of cross contamination and keeping Riley safe. I sent in a bag of Riley safe snacks for her to keep in the classroom in case the daily snack from the other students wasn’t gluten free. Mrs. G made a Riley snack drawer that he go pick from by himself.

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My other concern was him going down to the cafeteria. The head of the cafeteria has been really great about getting me a monthly gluten free food calendar so that I can plan out when he needs to pack and when he is buying lunch. There was one slight issue where Riley tried to get a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at breakfast but the kindergarten helper caught it right away. An email was sent to me about what happened and they assured me that all cafeteria staff was retold about Riley’s gluten free needs. They wear a lunch tag that acts as a card to buy food. I wanted to make sure it was clear that Riley was gluten free  so I sent his Allermates Professor Wheatley dog tag and sticker in to be added to his tag.  It seems to be helping as we’ve had no more issues since.

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Riley wanted to make sure his new friends understood he wasn’t able to share snacks so that he didn’t get sick not to be mean. We decided that we we would send in some Professor Wheatley coloring sheets and  a letter for their parents. Riley also wanted to donate a copy of The Gluten Glitch to his classroom library.

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With (almost) 2 months of kindergarten under our belt, I’m proud to say that Riley’s school has kept him safe and gluten free. I’m also thrilled to say that Ry loves kindergarten so much that he told me the other night “I want to be a kindergarten teacher”.




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