Ghost Fused Bead Kit

Our Halloween craft for this week was a Perler fused bead kit in the shape of a ghost. I remember making a ton of different shapes with these beads growing up.

photo 1

When we were at Joann’s a few weeks ago, Riley saw the Halloween kits and begged for the ghost. I figured he would really like it. He thought it was a necklace at first. After explaining the idea to him, he LOVED the thought that he could melt the beads to stick together.

photo 2

It’s pretty straight forward. Place the beads on the pegboard in the pattern. And cover with the enclosed paper before melting it with the iron for 10-20 seconds. Apparently letting a 5 year old count to 20 is a bit too long as our beads really melted. Riley still loves it and that is all that really matters.

I like how this type of project teaches patience  and counting to make a pattern. He has asked to get the other Halloween kits so we will purchase more beads. However I think we will get the bigger size beads as I think he could place them easier. He was having a bit of a struggle with the tiny beads. This kit was completely worth the $2.50. If you are looking for a cheap, fun and pretty easy craft that is mess free, I recommend trying one of these bead kits.


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