Easter Egg Pizzas

Who knew Easter could be so tiring. I’m going on one hour of sleep right now and regretting it more and more as the day goes on. Our Easter celebration started Friday afternoon with dying eggs at the neighbors. Saturday it continued with making Easter Egg Pizzas and Bunny Bait to snack on while we watched Hop.


The Easter Egg Pizzas are super easy to make. Riley was able to do all the steps himself that didn’t involve the hot oven. Once again, I used Pillsbury’s Gluten Free Thin Crust Pizza Dough. I just love how easily it rolls out. You can use whatever sauce, cheese and toppings you like to decorate with. We made half the eggs with regular pizza sauce and the other half we used ranch. We also used Hormel’s mini pepperonis to decorate. I love that not only is the mini pepperonis clearly labeled gluten free but their website has a detailed list of gluten free products.


Start by pinching off a section of dough to roll out fairly thin. Then using the egg cookie cutter, start cutting out eggs. (I bought my big egg cutter at Walmart.) Once you have a tray full of eggs pre bake them for 5-8 minutes depending on thinness. They will start to form some air bubbles and look more like a crust than the shiny dough. Carefully remove the hot tray from the oven. If an adult is doing all the steps you can go straight to topping. However since Riley wanted to do the decorating, I let them cool for a few minutes. Just so if he bumped the tray it wouldn’t be a major burn.

photo 2

We just spooned a bit of pizza sauce or ranch onto our egg crust. Next we sprinkled a small handful of shredded cheese before decorating with some mini pepperonis in patterns of Riley’s choosing. And then we placed them back into the oven to finish baking till the cheese started to golden.

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We made a few “pizza sandwiches” as Riley called them by layering another crust cut out on top of the cheese. Riley came up with this idea because he so desperately wanted to use the bunny cookie cutter.

photo 4

They were a big hit! Riley really loved the ranch ones. These would be great to pack in a school lunch cause they were super easy for him to hold without making a giant mess. I see us making a lot of different shaped pizzas in the future. It was really nice to have a recipe that Riley was able to really help with.

Easter Egg Pizzas [Gluten Free]


Pillsbury Gluten Free Thin Crust Pizza Dough

Sauce or Ranch dressing

Shredded cheese

Hormel mini pepperonis


Pre-heat oven to 400F
Pinch off a small section of the Pillsbury Gluten Free Thin Crust Pizza Dough and roll it out thin.
Using a large egg shaped cookie cutter, cut out your crust.
Bake egg crust for 5-8 minutes depending on thinness. (Crust will start to form air bubbles and dry out a bit)
Remove from oven and carefully add a small spoonful of your desired sauce.
Sprinkle on some shredded cheese before decorating with Hormel's mini pepperonis.
Once decorated finish baking till cheese starts to golden.
Let cool and enjoy!


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