Dyeable Plastic Eggs

Since about bedtime on St. Patrick’s Day, Riley has been asking to dye Easter eggs. I tried explaining several different times and ways that it was way too early and the eggs would be rotten by Easter.  When I was at Walmart this weekend, I came across this package of plastic eggs that can be dyed.


I decided to grab this eye dying kit because it came with the regular dye tablets and paint. I’m glad I did cause the dye tablets didn’t really work too well for the plastic eggs. Now to be fair the package of eggs did say they would be pastel colors, but I feel even that is a stretch.  You can see the egg in floating in the blue dye cup below barely has any tint to it and it had been soaking for 40 minutes. Part of the problem is the eggs float. IMG_8251

The little packages of paint to sponge on however were amazing. Riley loved how bold they colors were and that he could do a rainbow. It will dye your fingers but it washed off Ry while he played in the bath later. The eggs can still be drawn on with the white crayon and the dye paint won’t stick to it. Ry was excited to write on the eggs. We had to do his teacher, his girlfriend/best friend, GF (gluten free) and I <3 Mom (awe).

IMG_9334 copy

Riley had a blast painting these eggs. He has asked for us to get another pack so he can make more eggs for his friends. My friend Ashley suggested hot gluing a ribbon onto the top of the eggs and hanging them on a tree. I’m trying to decide if I want to do the tree idea or maybe make a garland of them.


There is the results of our 2 dozen eggs. The top pastel row is from the dye tablets. The other 3  rows are from the paint in the kit. These eggs would be good for a school or church class room where you don’t have to worry about a possible egg allergy or real eggs being cracked/smashed.  I spent around $8 total on this project. And since he is asking to do it again, I’d say it was money well spent.


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2 Responses to Dyeable Plastic Eggs

  1. Jennifer Gailey March 24, 2015 at 11:17 pm #

    Did you keep the eggs to use for decorating this year? If so, how did they hold up. I am afraid they won’t last to keep from year to year. So I am curious.

    • Cara March 28, 2015 at 5:42 pm #

      I did save them. They held up great! And he ever had a few that the played with all year :)

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