DIY Glittery Glue Webs

Since Riley has started kindergarten, I’m always looking for fun ways to include the basics of cutting, glueing, writing etc. But the projects need to be fun and/or messy to hold his attention.

Halloween happens to be a great holiday for crafts, specially boy crafts. They are normally scary/gross/messy crafts and they don’t have to look perfect. A lot of the times the messier and rougher the look the more Halloween it appears.

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These glue webs are so simple to make. Anything involving glue gets Riley’s attention. When he realized he could use a lot of glue and it was going to make a spider web, he was sold. I placed a piece of parchment paper on my pizza pan and drew a spider web design on it with a sharpie. I then started the web to get the main structure lines pretty thick and show him what to do. Next I told him he had to cover it all with the orange glitter. He took that job very serious. However Riley was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t instantly dry and ready to be a spiders home. I told him that we’d check it when he got home from school the next day.

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Later that night when I knew it had to be at least partially dry, I shook off the extra glitter. I didn’t want to risk a) Riley wanting to shake it off that I had glitter EVERYWHERE and b) the lines running and the web not looking like a web.

I think we were barely in the door Monday after school before Riley was asking to check on the web. I gently checked one corner to see if it was dry enough and it peeled right up. I just went slowly around the web lifting each little strand. The web was dry except right in the middle where all the lines met. It was slightly damp but still held together. It was just over 24 hours drying time.

Riley decided that the web had to go on the coffee table and it was the home of the new “bagician” (magician due to the top hat) spider that we picked up at Walmart. The spider is actually a tea light candle holder, but I thought he was perfect to hold the chalk since we had just repainted the coffee table with chalkboard paint.

The glitter web was a fun and cheap craft project to do. Riley wants to get more glitter this weekend to make more webs. Asking to do the craft again always means it was a hit.

DIY Glittery Glue Webs




Wax or Parchment paper

Sharpie (if you want to pre draw a web)


On wax or parchment paper draw the design of your spider web
Trace over your design with the glue
Completely cover the glue design with glitter
Allow some drying time before shaking off extra glitter
Slow peel the web from the paper after checking to see if it has dried. At least 24 hours after creating the web


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