Dairy Queen – Ice Cream Cupcakes

One of the things I miss since going gluten free is ice cream cake. That damn cookie crumble layer. I have several recipes and how to’s pinned on Pinterest but I just can’t seem to bring myself to make myself an ice cream cake. It just seems like so much work and the lazy wins every time.


About a month ago, I had to run to Dairy Queen to pick up an ice cream cake for a good bye party at work. I was just going to get myself a Butterfingers Blizzard but for some reason I decided to tell the DQ worker why. She smiled and said “Oh, I can make you one of our DQ Ice Cream Cupcakes w/out the cookie crumbles.”


Katie told me how the daycare across the street has a child or two that has gluten issues so she makes them often. She also told me that if I ordered a head of time they could even make a regular ice cream cake gluten free. Wha? Not have to bake my own birthday cake this year? Exciting!


As she was making me the ice cream cupcake, I was asked what I wanted in replace of the cookie crumbles. I chose Butterfingers because I know they care clearly labeled gluten free. It was amazing. Better than I remembered. And not even a hint of a reaction!

I have gone back a few times to the Dairy Queen in Rochester, PA and ordered more cupcakes. Riley loves them with M&M’s in the middle. I also tried Snickers but found the Butterfingers to be the closest to the cookie crumbles. I’m looking forward to my birthday this year :)



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