Corn Dog Waffles

I struggle with finding a variety of items to make for Riley. He’s pretty much a typical 5 year old in the sense that he would live off Mac & Cheese if I let him. I like to change it up a bit with what he eats but sometimes I just can’t afford trying out a store bought gluten free item for him not to like it. IMG_9613

I had bought gluten free corn dogs and he liked them but thought they had too much corn bread around them so he picked most of it off. I figured there had to be a cheaper way to make them than spending $9 on a bag that he wouldn’t fully eat. IMG_9595

Since I had a box of Aldi’s Live GFree Cornbread mix, I decided I’d try to make some myself. I didn’t want to break out the deep fryer because it was hot and I was being lazy. So I started searching Pinterest. All the pins showed using a mini muffin pan but looking at them it seemed like a lot of corn bread that Ry would just waste. I started digging through my drawer of speciality shaped pans to see if I had something that would work better. Thats when I spotted my waffle iron and decided to give it a try.


It worked quite well. I sliced the hot dog in half length wise and width wise. I mixed the cornbread mix up as the box stated but it was a bit thick so I ended up adding another 1/4 cup of milk to thin it out some. I scooped out a bit of cornbread mix onto the waffle iron. Next I lined up several slices of hot dog before pouring a bit of cornbread batter over top of them.


When I serviced it to Riley and his friend, I sliced the corn dog waffles into strips just bigger than the hot dog slices in it.  Riley loved them.  It was the perfect amount of breading to hot dog ratio for Ry.


These are super easy to make and pretty inexpensive due to Aldi’s great pricing on their Live GFree products. I really liked their cornbread mix. I was never much of a cornbread fan however as I’m writing this I’m wishing I had some of the Live GFree cornbread. It is a bit sweet and could probably be used as the base for some desserts. I will definitely be stocking up on more of the mix.


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  1. Kam January 5, 2015 at 12:59 pm #

    I love this website! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s so hard to find gluten free kid friendly recipes.

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