Chuck E. Cheese Gluten Free Review

So I have a confession to make. I used the excuse of “we have to buy food to play at Chuck E. Cheese and they don’t have food safe for us” as a way to avoid taking Riley. Well Riley saw the youtube video about how they now have gluten free pizza and cupcakes. (Thanks Chuck E. Cheese… I kid, its great that such a mainstream place is now making it a place all kids can enjoy. ) He instantly started asking to have his birthday party there. This was back in March and his birthday is the end of August.

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Over the next several months, Ry repeatedly asked for his birthday to be at Chuck E. Cheese. So the Sunday before his birthday, with help from some very dear friends, Riley and 8 friends enjoyed a Rockstar party. Games, ticket blaster, piñata, and Chuck E. himself made for a great time.

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Watching Chuck E.

Riley and I both had a gluten free pizza. I was very impressed with the carefulness to avoid cross contamination. Our party host brought the pizzas to our table and then opened Riley’s so that it would start to cool as we started to make our way back to the table to eat. After I opened the personal pizza cutter that was labeled gluten free, I was shocked at how well it actually cut through the pizza. Riley thought the pizza was delicious. It was good. I just wish there was also a choice of a pepperoni one.

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The cupcake however was not so good. Riley was all excited when he saw that it was chocolate with chocolate icing. When I walked back over to his spot at the table to clean up, I noticed that he had only taken 2 bites and left the icing. I thought maybe he was full from the pizza or just wanted to go play on his own again. But then the later I tried my cupcake. I managed one bite before tossing it in the trash. I noticed that the packaging said “Sweetened by Nature, no refined sugar added.” Who goes to Chuck E. Cheese for a healthy cupcake??

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As we were walking out, Riley said “This was the most awesome day of my life!”   So thanks Chuck E. Cheese for giving my gluten free kiddo a day of fun without him having to ask me “does this have wheat?” or “can I have pizza too?” I’m happy to say that neither one of us had any signs of being glutened.


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