Chocolate Covered Bacon Hearts

If you’ve been to my blog before its pretty safe to say that you know I love bacon. Chocolate covered bacon is also amazing. I’ve purchased it a few times when we’ve been out at events that have had it but I haven’t made it at home till 3

I chocolate covered some regular strips of bacon and then decided to try and chocolate cover some bacon hearts I’ve seen all over Pinterest.  It seemed like an adorable Valentine’s Day treat.

photo 1

The Pin I looked at for the bacon hearts said to cut the bacon in half and fold the two strips into a heart shape. I tried that and found the hearts seemed to fall apart after they cooled. The next few I made, I just twisted a full strip into the heart shape. I baked the bacon for about 20 minutes on 400°F.

photo 2

As the bacon was cooling, I melted the chocolate. Next I dipped the bacon into the melted chocolate and then gently shook off any excess chocolate before letting them set on a nonstick mat. Added a bit of  Valentine’s Day sprinkles just for fun.  It was as simple as that.

I will be giving out chocolate covered bacon as my Valentine’s Day gift to quite a few friends and family this year. Salty, sweet, home made and its bacon… that should win over just about any heart.


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