Celiac Awareness Tour – Cleveland Ohio

So now that I finally have power again to my Chromebook, I can write about the wonderful Celiac Tour. I’ve gone to the Pittsburgh stop the last few years with a friend & Ry. The Cleveland stop was just me and Ry.


This tour stop had some new companies/products that I had not heard of. I am in LOVE with Sauce Goddess & I Heart Keenwah.


This Sticky Sweet Grill Glaze by the Sauce Goddess is my new favorite thing in the world. I’ve actually grabbed it over ranch several times now. It reminds me of a combination of McDonald’s sweet n sour sauce and their bbq sauce. Dipping nuggets into this glaze gives me flashbacks of getting Happy Meals as a kid. Expect several recipes in the future featuring this amazing sauce.


I Heart Keenwah has these super crunchy snack bites. I tried the Ginger Peanut flavor at the tour. I really liked it though I have since tried the chocolate sea salt and its my favorite. I have a couple more flavors to try and then I’ll post a full review.


Riley’s favorite was the Zemas Black Bean Brownies. Ry loved Britney because she spoiled him with full size brownies. I really enjoyed the Sunbutter & Jelly bars. Riley has been asking for these brownies since that Saturday so I will be ordering some of the mix. I think I’ll make some in a mini muffin tray to have for his school lunch. A healthier dessert that he loves.. Can’t go wrong with that.

image_2Townhall Ohio City restaurant was there with their gluten free menu and info about great places around the area. Lucy’s cookies had some samples of their holiday flavors, like Merry Mint & Holiday Sugar.  Usana.com has some snack bars/cookies. They are labeled gluten free but looking at the info on the website it states that no gluten ingredients are used but it is processed on the same lines as wheat products. I tried a bite of the Peanutty Bliss and did not react but please decide for yourself.


Some tour regulars like Nut-Thins, Crunchies & Snyder’s of Hanover were there too. Riley loved that the Nut-Thins guy gave him a box of them all for himself :) Snyder’s had some of their new Hot Buffalo Wing and Honey Mustard flavors.

image_7Estrella Damm Daura is a gluten free beer made in Spain. I’m not a big beer person but it was pretty good. I gave one to my dad who isn’t gluten free and a huge beer drinker. He really liked it.


I was quite excited to see a gluten free make up line at the event. GlamNatural has a whole line of gluten free make up. The ladies working the booth looked stunning. I also really liked that there is a sample box of their products to try without spending a lot of money on a product I might not like or that my pale ginger skin might not like. I’ll keep you updated as I try it.

photo (13)

Rainbow Children’s hospital, Cleveland Clinic and the Great Cleveland Association were all there with great information to point you in the right direction. And if you hate cleaning with chemicals like I do Norwex has these really cool cleaning cloths.

Sadly I didn’t really get to enjoy any of the great speakers. Mostly because Riley was on a mission of finding a cupcake. Everyone that I talked to at the event seemed to be having a great time. I love that its a chance for everyone to come together and interact.

Riley and I are looking forward to the next one… and who knows maybe Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends will even have a table with shirts and items.


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