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Aldi's Live GFree Pretzel Mini Twist.. and more?

Aldi’s Live GFree Pretzel Mini Twist.. and more?

So I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging.. I just hate that I have to start back up with a post that bothers me so much. But I can’t keep quiet on this for the safety of so many. I know a big portion of the gluten free community LOVES Aldi.. I do too! […]

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Celiac Awareness Tour | Video

My 2 part post about the tour will be posted tomorrow but for now enjoy this video. You’ll see me reading The Gluten Glitch to Riley for a split second and then hear a bit if my story.  [youtuber youtube=’ ‘] Video by John Lorince

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Colbert Report | Satan’s loaf…

A friend sent me this link from the Colbert Report. It’s his Thoughts for Food segment of the show. It jokes around about wheat being the next crack. I found it to be funny and I hope you do too. ailment 255, 255, 0);” href=”” target=”_blank”>—wheat-addictions  

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