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Dairy Queen - Ice Cream Cupcakes

Dairy Queen – Ice Cream Cupcakes

One of the things I miss since going gluten free is ice cream cake. That damn cookie crumble layer. I have several recipes and how to’s pinned on Pinterest but I just can’t seem to bring myself to make myself an ice cream cake. It just seems like so much work and the lazy wins […]

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Whole Foods Cupcakes

I’m more of a cupcake person than a whole cake. I’m a fan of anything that doesn’t require dirtying dishes. Plus I feel that a regular cake goes stale too quickly. I don’t like the crunchy edge where you’ve just cut the slice.  We bake cupcakes over cake 9 times out of 10. I heard […]

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Pure DeLite – Strongsville, Ohio

The highlight of going to gluten free events for Riley is cupcakes. He is 5, its pretty much what he lives for. Through out the whole 2 hour drive to Cleveland, Riley kept asking “I can eat any cupcake right? … cause they will all be gluten free.” He was so bummed that there wasn’t […]

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