Breton Gluten Free Crackers Review

The other day I ran to the store for 2 items and ending up leaving with about 20. As annoyed as I was at myself for over spending, I’m glad I decided to grab the new Breton Gluten Free Crackers that I spotted. When I first saw them on the shelf I thought for sure they were sat there by mistake. The picture on the box looked like a real cracker… Not some glossy rice crisp that qualifies as a cracker in the gluten free world.

photo 2

Clearly Odie doesn’t believe there could be a real gluten free cracker out there either

I normally wait to try new products for when I can get a good photo but I was too antsy with these crackers. I grabbed the Original with Flax flavor as a snack for my movie. I was shocked when I opened the block and saw a sleeve of crackers like normal crackers. They are a bit easier to crumble when you are first pulling them out but they are AMAZING. I had to force myself to twist them back up and put them away.

photo 1

Look at them! I mean just look. If I saw them out of the package just laying on a table I would not eat them. I would have just assumed they weren’t gluten free.

When Riley got up the next morning he saw the box laying by my computer. He asked to try them right away. First bite his eyes bugged out and he said “Oh wow!” He finished off the original ones and asked for more. So we opened the box of Herb and Garlic.


They are just as good. Riley already has plans for them being in his lunch, crushed up on  chicken and snack day at school. I will definitely be buying more, specially with a buy 2 or more save a $1 coupon.

Try them! You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Nancy December 20, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

    These crackers are very yummy and I like keeping them around to snack on. The Herb and Garlic are my favorite.

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