The Ball Joint – Beaver Falls, PA

I happen to know the owner of The Ball Joint. We both went to the small Christian school years ago. Awhile back he would post on Facebook about opening a meatball restaurant. I had briefly messaged him about having gluten free meatballs or options. And then as life gets busy, I didn’t really think much more about it. I saw that he had indeed opened up The Ball Joint and just one town over from me. But everything I saw through Facebook post didn’t seem to be gluten free.

The Ball Joint on FindMeGF App

One afternoon as Fran and I were starting to plan a girls night out, I used FindMeGF app for a local search.  I was surprised when I saw The Ball Joint pop up.  Turns out that they have gluten free chicken balls and keep a fryer dedicated for them.

The Ball Joint Review

I stopped by on a Friday evening and grabbed Ball Party Platter which is a dozen chicken balls, xl fries and 6 sauces. I was taking dinner home for Dad & Riley as well.  Instead of 6 sauces, I got 2 of the Cheesy Bacon Amazing, Garlic Zing and Honey Chipotle.  Riley loved the Cheesy Bacon Amazing. He used it for his fries more than the balls. I really liked the Honey Chipotle.

Balls and Sauces

The Ball Joint is located up on College Hill in Beaver Falls. They are between Geneva and Sheetz. My order came up fairly quick even for it being a bigger size if you are in a quick take out mood. They also have a nice clean place to dine in with WiFi if you have a project to do. (Right Fran? )

Signs & Inside

If you have any questions about the prep of the gluten free items, you can easily watch them being cooked. Bryan instantly showed me the dedicated fryer and talked a bit about the gluten free process at the Ball Joint. IMG_7737

Riley has already been asking for more balls and fries with the cheesy bacon amazing sauce. We will definitely be joining Fran over there more often. I highly recommend it. Healthier then fast food nuggets, bigger and better tasting too. Three balls for $1 very reasonable.

You can check out their full menu and learn more about them at If you go let me know what you think!


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  1. Fran Kleinpaste May 25, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    You finally got there. I love the Ball Joint. Food is great. Cheesy bacon or fire cracker fries and honey chipotle chicken balls. You can’t beat the party pack deal. We need to get them into some GF pasta for us. The staff is incredibly nice. And yes, I have my own table there to work on my paperwork. They haven’t thrown me out yet. Well, only once but the balls were good anyway.

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