August Already??!

I can not believe it is August already. I swear I was just stressing over Christmas. This summer has been pretty amazing. Riley has been playing with the neighbor girl most days. He has become really independent which is a bitter sweet change. I love that he doesn’t need me by his side 24/7 but there are times I wish he missed me more. It has allowed me to get a lot done around the house like remodeling the old dinning room into a gluten free kitchen. It has been so nice not having to share with dad.


Huge thanks to my friends John & Terry for installing everything … floor, cabinets, shelves.

I’ve also been focusing on getting the Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends? baked goods out to the local area and mail order. The Ball Joint and Dewdrop Gift & Tea shop has featured some of WCWBFs treats. I’m determined to make something real of this passion for gluten free baking.

While the summer has been great, I’m looking forward to the Fall.  So many exciting events that I can’t wait for.  My baby is turning 6! And starting first grade. I don’t know how that is even possible… Didn’t I just have him??  I’m hoping that some dear friends come visit.  September 6 & 7, my friend Fran and I are heading to Secaucus NJ for the GFAF Expo. I’m super excited about it!! I’ve been wanting to go to this expo for years now. (More on that later)


Click the photo to get your own ticket for the expo at 20% off! Let me know if you are going!!

While Riley is counting down for Halloween so he can be a Zombie from Plants Vs. Zombies 2. I am counting down to Thanksgiving. Not for the turkey or the pumpkin pie but for my trip to Memphis! I can not wait to finally meet the Spains in person.  Ashley and I have been friends for 6 years now. It’s about time we finally get to gossip, bake and have a Nsync fan girl night in person.  Our boys, Lucas & Riley, were born 2 days apart. I can not wait to see them get to play together. Both boys have medical concerns. While Celiac Disease isn’t as scary as Kawasaki Disease, I think it will be nice for the boys to see someone else their age that has to be careful about things.

Stay tuned for new recipes, product reviews, exciting GFAF expo post and some personal ramblings. Please comment and share your summer fun or what you are looking forward to.


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