Not really sure where to start here… I think writing a bio page about myself is harder for me than giving up gluten.

Giving up Gluten.. seems hard to believe that I actually did it and have been doing so for 4 years now. I was in denial for such a long time about needing to be gluten free. I am and always have been an incredibly picky eater. (Looking back, I think its because a lot of food made me sick.) There were just a few select items that I lived off of. The thought of having to give up those favorite foods was heartbreaking to me.  But after a mourning period, I now LOVE being gluten free. It has given me back my life, my energy.

My life currently consists of being “Mama” or “Miss Mommy” to my son, working and gluten free baking. Riley is a crazy active four year old who thinks he’s Batman and has more trains than anyone really needs. Riley is also gluten free.  After we moved back to Pennsylvania, I switched him to gluten free to make my life easier. A month later, he was over at a friend’s house and he ate some Pepperidge Farm goldfish. That night he woke up complaining of stomach pains. I also noticed his skin issues (bumpy skin, diaper rash) were back. It was enough for me to make sure that his friends and family knew he was now gluten free because he needed to be. If I could save him a life time of discomfort by just switching his diet, why wouldn’t I?

Why I started WCWBF:

I know there are a TON of great gluten free blogs out there. I read a bunch but I feel a lot of them really focus on extremely healthy eating. Almost as if once you go gluten free you can’t let yourself have pepperoni rolls or nutter butters ever again. Sure, some of them post cookie recipes or pizza recipes – but they’re usually boring! I knew I couldn’t be the only out there who would rather have a chocolate chip muffin over a blueberry one. Or a meatlovers’ pizza with extra cheese instead of a veggie pizza.

Please don’t misunderstand me: if you have the will power to be gluten free and a completely healthy eater, that’s great! I just wish I wasn’t so picky. But, I’m also not ashamed to admit that sometimes all I want for dinner is a freshly baked brownie…or two. I would also like for Riley to be able to take a pack of snacks to a friend’s house and to have a cupcake or pizza with them, just like all the other “normal” kids.  So, I’m sharing my recipes for all of us who are gluten free but aren’t afraid to admit we still crave junk/trashy eats every once in a while.


Riley – My mini me, who is also gluten free and my driving force for many of these post.

Jane – My  mom, who passed away in 2008 from Ovarian cancer. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. She knew she was getting a grandson, she just didn’t get to meet him. My mom and I were like the Gilmore Girls, crazy close. I miss her more than I will ever be able to fully express. 

Cory – My older brother, Riley’s buddy and my taste tester. Cory and I get along great. He willingly taste all my recipes and gives an honest (and sometimes brutal) opinion on how the gluten free version taste compared to the gluten filled original.

Bruce – My dad, Riley’s Pappap … When things went crappy in IL, Dad let Riley & I move back home. For that I am very grateful. But I am hoping to have my own kitchen again soon.

Ruby – My mom’s mom that lives next door. Riley loves to go see Grandma once a week, mostly to eat the snacks that she spoils him with.

Ashley – Mom to Lucas & Sam, Wife to Thomas and a dear dear friend of mine. Ashley has listened to all of the bs that I have been through since 2008. Which is way more than one person should have to deal with or listen to for that matter. I wish she wasn’t all the way in Tennessee. 

Andrea – A friend of mine for many years now who is my go to chick for anything Stand up related or cake balls. She also understands the fine art of over analyzing the smallest thing. Andrea’s newest project has me wondering – “What did happen to Connie Converse?”

Miguel – My ex-husband and Riley’s dad,who Riley calls “Pa”.