2 Ingredient “Moon Dough”

Riley has been obsessed with the 90’s cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory the past week. He wants a lab and experiments to do. I remembered pinning this dough recipe because I actually had the ingredients needed to make it. It is easy enough to make that he was able to do it with my just telling him the steps. This experiment was a hit… well with Riley. I’m not a fan of  Moon Dough because its annoyingly messy, but what little boy doesn’t love making a mess.

photo 1

All you need is conditioner & corn starch. I had one of those $1 bottles of Sauve conditioners laying around so we just used that. Measure out 1 cup of conditioner and then stir in 2 cups of corn starch. It gets hard to stir a bit towards the end so then I helped him dump it onto the glass cutting board and showed him how to knead it together.

photo 2

It will form this smooth ball of dough. You can roll it out, roll balls with it to build snowman or make snakes. However its not really good for the use of cookie cutters like regular Playdoh.

He said he was making a pizza

He said he was making a pizza

I would recommend playing with it on a cookie sheet that has a bit of a lip to keep the crumbling dough from falling all over your floor. I know this probably sounds like I really hated this dough. I don’t.. to me regular Playdoh is much more fun. Riley LOVED this messy experiment.

photo 4

We rolled the dough back up and stored it in a plastic bag to play with again later. And then I managed to convince Riley that scientist clean up after their experiments. photo (17)



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